🚨 Cape May police released video showing the woman toss a Skee-Ball at someone

🚨 The  ball struck a child, according to police

🚨 The woman wore a white dress and was accompanied by two small children


CAPE MAY – Police are looking to identify a woman who through a Skee-Ball in a fit of rage, injuring a child.

The woman in a white dress became involved in a "disagreement" at the arcade, according to Cape May police.

In a surveillance video clip released by police, the woman is shown at a Skee-Ball game with a child. She takes a ball and makes a hard underhand toss to the left of the machine.

She continues to show the game to the child when a young woman hands the small softball size ball back and points out that she hit someone. The woman shrugs her shoulders and continues playing. A man begins talking to the woman, who walks away from the machine with the children as the man cups his hands to his mouth to say something.

Police did not disclose the name of the arcade, the date of the incident or the extent of the child's injuries.

According to skeeball.com a Skee-Ball is 3.25 inches in diameter and made of a blend of things like wood, sawdust, and other compound additives. It can weigh less than half a pound.

Woman in an arcade with people police said she appears to know
Woman in an arcade with people police said she appears to know (Cape May police)

A photo was released of the woman with people police said she appears to know.

Police asked anyone with information about the incident or the woman to call 609-884-9507.

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