ISLAND HEIGHTS — Heroes are among us all over and everyday, often going above and beyond the call of duty.

In this Ocean County borough, Patrolman Mellott came to the rescue of a child locked inside of a vehicle and then helped ensure the vehicle was taken care of as well.

Island Heights police said in a statement that Mellott was dispatched to River Avenue Monday and met a frantic mother on scene.

She told him that she had put her child into a car seat and then realized she accidentally left her keys on the seat with the vehicle now locked.

Mellott then immediately requested first aid from dispatch for precautionary reasons and called for a duty tow truck to bring a lock out kit for the vehicle.

Mellot saw the child start to sweat and felt the child could be in grave danger based on prior training and experience in the field.

Mellott asked the mother if would be OK to break the window of the vehicle to rescue the children and that's just what happened.

First aid arrived shortly after to take a look and clear the child of any medical issues.

Then came Part 2.

Patrolman Mellot spoke with the mother again and she relayed to the officer her financial situation and the possible challenges in replacing the broken window.

So Mellot, without hesitation his department said, offered to pay for her window, making the necessary arrangements to do so.

The Island Heights PBA and the Island Heights First Aid squad chipped in for the window and donated enough funds to help cover the cost.

First Responders Appreciation

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