A former police officer faces decades behind bars for hurting his son.

According to the Essex County Prosecutor's Office, a jury on Friday found 53-year-old Devin Higgs guilty on a number of charges that all stem from a hospital visit more than six years ago.

While employed as an East Orange cop, Higgs brought his 9-year-old son to the hospital to be treated for injuries on Feb. 15, 2018.

Higgs told hospital staff that his son had fell. Doctors found 22 fractures on the boy's ribs, and a fractured scapula bone, among other injuries. The boy also had bruises, scars, and marks on his body that were "indicative of child abuse."

During the child's six-week hospital stay for recovery from his broken bones and a severe infection, he disclosed to medical staff that his injuries were caused by his father who would hit him at home. According to the boy, his father told him not to discuss "family business" with hospital workers.

"We would like to thank the victim for his tremendous bravery in coming forward and testifying in this case," said Assistant Prosecutor Meredith Mona. "We are also grateful to the medical providers at Cooperman Barnabas Hospital who discovered the abuse, as well as the team at Robert Wood Johnson Children's Hospital who provided the boy with lifesaving care and treatment."

Following a four-day trial, Higgs was found guilty of four counts of endangering the welfare of a child, two counts of aggravated assault, one disorderly persons offense of simple assault, one count of hindering apprehension, and one count of official misconduct.

Sentencing for Higgs is scheduled for April 12. He faces up to 80 years in prison.

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