BRANCHBURG — A member of the Raritan Valley Community College’s Board of Trustees remains in that position after the Somerset County Board of Freeholders found no basis to take any action over her affiliation with a group that hosted a Straight Pride Parade.

Felecia Nace, of Bedminster, has been on the board since 2017. On Aug. 31, she was an invited speaker at the Boston event hosted by Super Happy Fun America.

Nace's speech, as seen in a recording of the event, questioned the introduction of adult sexual topics via LGBTQ curricula in New Jersey and two other states.

Nace also is listed online among the leadership of the organization, which has a quote on its website from president John Hugo, who says “Straight people are an oppressed majority.”

At a Somerset County Board of Freeholders meeting Nov. 26, County Counsel Bill Cooper said that his legal review of the issue found that under state law, that no "good cause" existed to remove Nace from the position.

Cooper also noted that neither the RVCC administration nor Board of Trustees have taken any action or given indication of a need to remove Nace from office.

Three faculty members of RVCC spoke at a previous Freeholder Board meeting on Sept. 24 against Nace remaining a Board of Trustee member.

Karen Gaffney, of Somerville, Alexa Offenhauer, of Clinton, and Charlie Bondhus, of Asbury Park, read from a joint statement, which said Nace's affiliation with Super Happy Fun America presented a fundamental conflict of interest with a leadership role at RVCC, as "the core values of these two organizations are fully incompatible."

At the same Freeholder Board meeting, there were members of the public who attended and spoke either in support and against Nace remaining on the Board of Trustees.

The same trio of faculty members attended a Sept. 17 RVCC Board of Trustees meeting, where they asked Nace to resign.

Among those who called for Nace to resign, is Freeholder-elect Melonie Marano, a Democrat. In a September statement to, Marano said “Dr. Nace is free to hold whatever views and lead whatever organizations she wants, but we don’t have to give her a leadership platform to support them. She should resign from RVCC immediately.”

Nace continues to hold her board position.

On the same Super Happy Fun America webpage that details Nace as a member of the group's team is a listing for U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren as its "Secretary of Native American Affairs" with a photoshopped image of the Democratic presidential candidate in a Native American headdress and with her eyes crossed.

Screenshot from SuperHappyFunAmerica Website
Screenshot from SuperHappyFunAmerica Website

There also is a team listing for Milo Yiannopoulos, a former editor for Breitbart News who served as the parade's grand marshal. Yiannopoulos, who is gay, has been banned from Twitter and Facebook after posting incendiary content.

The Straight Pride Parade featured a livestream on Youtube, including Nace's comments on-stage starting around the 1:19 mark, though a woman is yelling profanity in the background.

Nace owns an international education consulting firm, of Partners 4 Educational Change, according to her biography on the RVCC website.

In the 2017 written announcement of her addition the board, a lengthier bio said Nace previously worked as a language arts teacher in Montclair Public Schools, as an adjunct English professor at Mercer County Community College and was an education specialist with the state Department of Education for 13 years.

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