It's Farmers Market Week in New Jersey.

State Secretary of Agriculture Doug Fisher says 146 Garden State farmers markets take us back to another time when communities were much more local and people supported those local interests.

"It is the epitome of local," he said.

Fisher makes the point that locally-grown and harvested food at these venues is fresher and accessible to residents to improve their health. It also provides income for the farmer to keep his farm.

"This is a really important time for them and we hope that people are going to come out and support their farmers and farmers markets," he said. "If you do not have income, you cannot have a farm and a farmer."

Fisher also points out that many local farmers markets in New jersey are a lot more than just produce vendors, as good as that is.

"We have a lot of people growing their own flowers at their farms and bringing in with these amazing arrangements that are just nice to put on the table. Some are bringing in farm-fresh milk, lots of prepared foods, and chefs that are bringing in their creations from local farm products. You get a chance to see food trucks and enjoy all of these various arrangements and presentations of food. It is a lot of activity, and a whole lot of fun."

Fisher says tomatoes, corn, peaches and plums are taking center stage at markets right now.

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