You know where I stand on the absurdity of masks and distance and the arbitrary "metrics" the governor touts in order to continue to deprive New Jerseyans of their constitutional rights. That aside, even if you disagree with my approach and are thankful that I’m not governor, because we would not have locked down the state if I were, the inconsistency should get you riled up.

How is it OK to stand in a line to get into Trader Joe's or Walmart, but it’s not OK to stand in line to vote? How is it OK to go in person to the Motor Vehicle Commission, but not to vote? Even if you hate what I stand for, you’ve got to admit the crazy inconsistency in the governor’s orders are not helping anyone. The fact that the pandemic is over is one thing. The idea that Gov. Phil Murphy is still acting as if we are in the middle of a health crisis is causing irreparable harm to students, families and businesses. Livelihoods have been destroyed. People have been killed because of the serious malfeasance of Murphy and his cohort, Judy Persichilli.

Now the assault on you is broadening. Your government is pretending that the health crisis is so bad you can’t even exercise your constitutional right to vote. Unless of course you accept the mail-in process that the governor claims will be near-flawless. That defies logic and the facts which are available for anyone to access. Ballots will be lost, many will not be counted and the rights of many New Jerseyans will be usurped.

I told you during the primary election we received three ballot applications at my home, two of the three names we know have been dead for years. All of this is happening because we have a governor who clearly has his sights set outside of the Garden State. None of his actions have anything to do with public safety or health.

This is a power play. You are the pawn in the governor’s long game to further enrich and empower himself and his friends. How much more are you gonna take?

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