Small business owner Jessica Walker, who got started as an entrepreneur at the age of 19, joined my New Jersey 101.5 morning show Friday and had a very strong message for Gov. Phil Murphy — essentially saying that the extended shutdown is killing small businesses and many may never be able to reopen.

What she has built is in jeopardy of collapsing. It’s a similar message we’ve heard from business owners across the state. Why did government decide arbitrarily who lives and who closes? Why more than a month after the peak of the health crisis are businesses still shut down?

The evidence does not show that the shutdown is the reason the curve flattened. The evidence shows that the virus ran its course. Don’t just take it from me, check out this well-ritten piece from the head of Emergency Medicine at St. Barnabas in the Bronx.

Other evidence?

Flattened in Sweden. No lockdown.

Flattened in South Korea. No lockdown.

Flattened in Florida. Despite the fact that the irresponsible and complicit media attacked the Florida government relentlessly for delaying a shut down.

The difference? Responsible government understanding that creating an economic crisis to solve a health crisis makes zero sense. But it happened. And here we are.

Owners like Jessica did her part. She wanted to help with protecting her customers and back in March, we didn’t know as much as we know now, so she closed, never thinking that the closure would be indefinite and lead to the permanent closure of so many businesses who simply couldn’t survive without the daily cash flow.

So while we debate how to handle the next pandemic, one thing is clear. The health crisis is over. There was no overwhelming of our health system. There was no shortage of ICU beds and ventilators. Nope. We treated the sick and most got well quickly. The problem is government. Not satisfied with the reality of a flattened curve and a near halt to the spread of the virus, Murphy moved the goal post … zero deaths? Vaccine? Unrealistic and dangerous goal to set while more than a million NJ residents struggle and suffer with the loss of their job and business.

It is time to reopen. We need to stand up, unmask and get back to life as normal Americans.

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