"Fed For a Day" — an event organized by federal and local law enforcement agencies —will honor a little boy from Spotswood with a fatal form of muscular dystrophy.

Three-year-old Trent Powers, who has incurable Duchene muscular dystrophy, loves animals and loves police. Last month, the Spotswood and Helmetta police departments in Middlesex County made him an honorary police officer.

Now he's getting a promotion.

James Buthorn, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service agent-in-charge in Newark, heard about Trent by listening to Bill Spadea on a "Blue Friday" broadcast on New Jersey 101.5. So he helped organize  a motorcade of federal law enforcement agencies to honor the child.

"With all of these rare diseases that are out there, it is tough to raise awareness. We saw this as an opportunity to raise awareness of Duchenne, to try to help out the family, and help the communities that we serve," Buthorn said.

"I sent an e-mail out on a Friday at about 5 o'clock, and within half an hour I had 10 responses. Everybody was excited to be part of this program and wanted to participate."

Trent will be a "Fed For a Day" and the honored guest in the Newark motorcade on Friday.

"We have over 70 agents that are volunteering to be a part of this event. It is going to start out with a presidential type motorcade, which will be led by the Spotswood Police Department. We have the Marshal's Service, the Secret Service, the FBI, Homeland Security Investigations, DEA, ATF, IRS, Federal Protective Services, Customs and Border Protection, the U.S Attorney's Office, along with the Postal inspectors and the Postal police officers."

Buthorn says they will have a brief opening ceremony, and then U.S. Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick and U.S Marshall Juan Mattos Jr. will swear young agent Trent in for the day.

"We are treating it as a play date and we are going to have a good time and show him what we bring to the table in federal law enforcement how close we can work together and use it as a platform to raise awareness."

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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