Last week we talked about how ridiculous it is to have Santa behind plexiglass. About how it takes away from the whole fun and festivity of Christmas. Many a human's favorite childhood memory is sitting down on Santa‘s lap and telling him his Christmas wishes.

But plexiglass is the order of the day, which makes the whole visit kind of silly. If you can look at him through a plastic screen you might as well stay home and watch him on TV. Or visit Santa remotely where you can interact with him through a computer screen.

A listener, whose wife is an accomplished artist, could relate to what we were saying. We were lucky enough to receive from him an email with a cartoon attached depicting the dreaded Santa behind plexiglass scene. He concluded his letter by saying have a “dreary, gloomy Christmas.” He definitely got what we were saying!

Below, I’m sharing his (edited for length) email, along with the awesome cartoon she created. Note that he also invites our listeners to download the black-and-white sketch of the cartoon so the kids can color it in. Thanks Jack!

Dear Dennis and Judi,

We are avid fans of your show. We listen a second time when the station rebroadcasts it later.

You recently expounded on the oxymoronic folly of asking children to visit Santa behind a plexiglass barrier. Dennis, you said that it resembles visiting someone in prison. Your commentary inspired my wife Mayu to paint a picture of the visit to Santa just as you described it on the radio. Mayu is an accomplished artist from Japan. She usually puts on three art exhibits in New Jersey each year (except this year thanks to Gov. Murphy).
Attached to this email is Mayu's portrayal of visiting Santa in 2020. She entitles it "Have a dreary, gloomy Christmas. It's the right thing to do."

Also attached is a black-and-white drawing of the same color painting. You can post that one as well, and invite your listeners to download and print the Christmas scene for their little ones to color.

Have a dreary, gloomy Christmas.
Jack Burr

Picture by Mayu Burr via Jack Burr
Picture by Mayu Burr via Jack Burr

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