WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP (Gloucester) — No arrests have been made in the violent "dine and dash" at a Nifty Fifty's restaurant on Saturday night that left a server with bruises and a concussion.

The restaurant on Route 42 in the Turnersville section said that the server who ran after the group that skipped out on their check in Turnersville on Saturday night would not have been responsible for the bill.

Chief Patrick Gurcsik told 6 ABC Action News that the server, a 20-year-old woman, ran back to the restaurant and called police after the group did not pay its $70 check.

“We value our employees and want them to know that no amount of money is worth their lives, nor is it their responsibility,” the restaurant said in a statement on its Facebook page.

"We are covering her expenses, wages and more. We will not state any further to protect the employees safety and privacy," the restaurant wrote.

The restaurant, with several locations mostly in Philadelphia, said its policy has always been that employees are not responsible for a walkout and are told that during their training.

"The policy is very clear to all of us servers… we have never been nor would ever be required to cover the cost of the check! I have had tables leave on me in the past and not once have I ever been made to pay a penny! Just for a little clarification," Tammy Hartenstine, who identified herself as a Nifty Fifty's server, wrote in the comments.

Gurcsik asked anyone with information about this incident to call 856-589-0330 x1160.

Group police want to talk to about an assault on a server at the Nifty FIfty's restaurant in Turnersville
Group police want to talk to about an assault on a server at the Nifty FIfty's restaurant in Turnersville (Washington Township Police)

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