If you've always wanted to go to our Nation's Capitol and see the cherry blossoms, but miss it every spring, well you missed it again! My cousin, who lives in DC, says they peaked about 2 weeks ago.

But have no fear New Jersey, you're in luck!

We have the largest collection of cherry blossom trees in the nation right here in New Jersey. They're in beautiful Branch Brook Park in Newark. Estimates range from 2,700 trees to 5,000. One more recent count put the figure at about 4,300 cherry blossom trees!

The park was designed by the same family of the landscape architect who designed Central Park in New York City, Frederick Law Olmsted. I just visited the park on April 18th 2017 and some are in full bloom, but it hasn't reached peak yet. It looks like we have at least a week left before they've peaked.

I've included a link here to the live webcam, but I'm telling you, you've got about a week from right now to see them in their full splendor.

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