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You heard of Facebook and Twitter, well 29-year-old Michael Wellman of Wasilla Alaska is hoping his My FaceZone website is part of the next generation of popular social networks.

MyFaceZone (MyFaceZone)

Wellman launched the new social media site My FaceZone ten months ago and has 3,000 subscribers so far.  However, he believes his site will pick up in popularity as the thrill of sites like Facebook and Twitter begin to fade.  Wellman believes there's room for new social media sites if they can hone-in on what the other popular sites are lacking and then offer it.

Wellman did identify one need, he says while Facebook and Twitter allows you to open up pages to current friends, family and close acquaintances.  He says his site, encourages its users to make new acquaintances, friends and business contacts and he believes that will spur the global economy.

A conversation with Michael Wellman

Wellman says he's trying to get his site to a level where he feels comfortable enough to give it a last big push and optimize the site.  He says if he does it correctly, he could start to bring in about 20,000 new users per month.

Wellman says he began to develop his site with blinders on, purposely not looking at what's being offered by other popular social media sites.  He says it wasn't until recently that he began looking at what his competitors were doing after heeding advice from his family and friends.

Wellman says as far as a development strategy for My FaceZone, he says has ideas that he'll be introducing to the site that aren't being offered on other social media sites.

Wellman says he has no investors and has sunk in $10,000 of his own cash in developing the site.

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