When you hear that there’s a new Kevin Smith movie, you might assume he wrote and directed it, but this Kevin Smith film is actually a documentary about the famed New Jersey director. It’s called “Clerk” and it will be screened in Asbury Park in November.

According to NJ Arts, the screening will be followed by a talk featuring both Smith and the documentary’s director, Malcolm Ingram. Ingram first met Smith as a film journalist interviewing the (then) young filmmaker.

Of course, the film “Clerks” is what put Smith on the map, and he told Deadline.com ““Every day of my life since 1993 I have probably said the word ‘Clerks’ at least once,” Smith said during an appearance in the Deadline SXSW Virtual Studio. “It was a wonderful magic trick that a kid pulled off that me, as an adult at age 50, have been living off of for the better part of coming up on 28 years.”

“Clerk” debuted at the South by Southwest virtual film festival.

The description of the documentary on IMDB is pretty terse: A documentary on the career and life of filmmaker and raconteur Kevin Smith.

Smith’s latest project, “Clerks III” was disrupted by the pandemic, but the film, which reassembles almost the entire cast of the seminal 1994 original, is in production.

Tickets for the special Nov. screening go on sale Fri. June 11, but the fan pre-sale is already underway. The film will be shown on Nov. 6 at 7 PM with the talk by Smith and Ingram to follow afterward.

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