New Jersey's Assembly Minority Leader Job Bramnick, also known as "New Jersey's Funniest Lawyer" when he performs standup comedy in his spare time, commented on Governor Murphy's 2nd State of the State address, which I found to be a lot of a la carte items, but no meat and potatoes.

"Generally, when we got to public policy, I think he's [Murphy] just so far to the left. He's just so you know, distant from the average person in New Jersey that, I just couldn't understand what he was driving at...he has a political agenda. Everything that he thinks about, all his policies, are wrapped in a political agenda. It's not a practical agenda."

Bramnick believes the governor is sincere in his goals, just that they're not right for New Jersey. Asked whether we will ever see legalized marijuana in New Jersey, Bramnick told me:

"Well, because they're gonna put it on the agenda next November and I think, I believe the consensus is that there'll be a vote for marijuana. Except, the people who are passionate against marijuana are actually more passionate than the people for marijuana. So my guess would be, it's not gonna be as easy to win a ballot question as I think many people think."

As far as the battle between parents and politicians, over ending the religious exemption for vaccines, headed by Senate President Steve Sweeney, Bramnick said:

"Oh man, if you're asking me what's gonna happen, I mean it's Steve Sweeney's belief that he's gotta do this for his own, let's say, power structure. Versus a group of the most passionate men and women I have ever seen in 20 years in politics. I've never seen protestors that continued 24/7, I mean I give them a lot of credit, their fight was incredibly well run and the energy was incredible...don't get between moms and their kids."

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