Get ready to see an army of Harley Quinns this Halloween across New Jersey.

Google has updated its Frightgeist tool, which keeps track of online costume searches over the past year. The female comic book character has easily topped the ranks- but there's a big difference between new versions out for the big holiday. As in, "PG-13" rated versus "G."

There are very different versions of NJ's most popular 2016 Halloween costume (Photos from
There are very different versions of NJ's most popular 2016 Halloween costume (Photos from

I guarantee a majority of Harleys will be inspired by this summer's movie, "Suicide Squad." The baseball bat-toting character played by Margot Robbie will no doubt be all over those Jersey bar parties and adult get-togethers. Target carries the outfit made famous by this year's movie. They've also got a "Secret Wishes" version for adults who want to show even more skin.

But there's another, cuter side of Harley with the recently-launched DC Super Hero Girls.

In these cartoons and toys, Quinn is part of a girl squad alongside Wonder Woman and Batgirl (instead of Deadshot and the Joker). Target also carries the kid-friendly costume.

Aside from this year's movie and cartoons, there's a distinctly New Jersey tie-in for Harley Quinn. There's lots of online debate as to whether her accent is supposed to be make her a Jersey Girl. I vote no on that!

Rounding out the top five popular costumes for New Jersey this year are 'Superhero', Joker, Wonder Woman and 'Witch'. You can check out the Google tool for yourself, here.

And, if you'd rather stand out in the crowd this Halloween, you could always opt for one of these costumes inspired by New Jersey.

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