Fellow New Jerseyans! I beg of you: Some of you need to get over this.

We have enough to worry about in this state. It’s nearly impossible to live here with all of the expenses. We’re riddled with out-of-staters who don’t know how to navigate our roads. And we have a governor who has little interest in making the state more manageable for us.

So can we all cool it when it comes to how some people eat their pizza?

Family Eating Meal At Outdoor Restaurant Together, Smiling

I have a confession, but I feel comfortable enough to share it with you, you seem like a nice person: I eat pizza with a fork and knife.

I’ve gotten grief for it many times from coworkers, and you know what? I’m sick of it.


We shouldn’t have to justify wanting to keep our hands clean while eating a greasy slice of pizza.

Am I all for the “fold and bite” method? Absolutely. Have at it!

That said, there’s a time and place for the knife and fork while eating some of the messier kinds of pizza. Buffalo chicken slices, for instance, can get super sloppy.

Girl blowing on a hot piece of pizza at the restaurant

Penne vodka slices? Forget it! They’re overwhelming and require extra help.

So we in the Garden State need to cool it when it comes to our fellow New Jersey reaching for the silverware in order to eat some ‘Za. It’s a matter of cleanliness and convenience, it’s not the slap in the face that others make it out to be.

So fellow Fork-and-Knifers, don't let the Hold-and-Folders bully you, there's nothing wrong with using utensils to enjoy your Jersey pizza.

For crying out loud, it’s not like we're putting pineapple on the slice or anything. That would be an actual crime.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5's Kylie Moore. Any opinions expressed are Kylie's own. You can follow Kylie on Instagram.

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