Ever since I first heard comedian Mike Birbiglia’s story about having a sleepwalking problem so severe that he once ran through a second story window of a hotel, I’ve hoped that I (or anyone I know) never start doing it.

It turns out that I’m not the only New Jerseyan concerned about that happening.

A new study was done by MattressNextDay looking into how frequently people across the United States are researching sleepwalking and New Jerseyans are among the most worried based on Google searches.

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According to their research, sleepwalking affects over 4% of adults. There’s an average of 128,000 monthly searches in 2023 in the U.S. on the topic.

Of the 50 states, Wyoming is doing the most research on sleepwalking. For every 10,000 residents there are 364.15 monthly searches.

The least concerned is California, with only 54.86 searches on sleepwalking per 10,000 residents.

As for the Garden State? We rank at number 14 on the list. For every 10,000 residents in New Jersey there are 183.07 searches per month.

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For those who do sleepwalk, the following tips were offered to reduce further incidents:

😴 Reduce TV and screen time in bed
😴 Reduce blue light as it can disrupt melatonin disruption, this can be done by activating night mode on your phone
😴 Find a calm place to wind down before bed
😴 Establish a consistent bedtime routine
😴 Limit your caffeine consumption

Worried about your sleep and looking to improve it? Here are a few helpful tips:

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