🚍 NJ Transit bus customers can now access transit information more effectively

🚍A pilot program was launched that provides digital bus travel information

🚍Customers use their smart devices at bus stops to get the info

NJ Transit wants to make public transit more accessible for its customers.

So, it has launched a pilot program, called NaviLens technology, in New Brunswick to provide digital travel information to bus customers.

How does NaviLens work?

NaviLens uses special QR-style codes to allow customers to use their smart devices at NJ Transit bus stops to get service information and assistance right in the palm of their hands.

The technology integrates NJ Transit data in real time so customers can determine when the next bus will arrive at their location. It also provides visually impaired customers with directional wayfinding and audio information.

The color-coded QR-style codes can be read by devices 12 times farther away than traditional QR codes so visually impaired travelers don’t need to know the exact placement of the signage at the bus stop.

NaviLens (NJ Transit)
NaviLens (NJ Transit)

NaviLens supports 34 languages to suit the customer’s preference.

“This technology is a game changer for our bus network, by combining service information and language and visual support in an inclusive and accessible way for all customers to benefit,” said New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner and NJ Transit Board Chair, Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti.

Once travelers use their camera feature and the NaviLens app on their smart device to scan the code displayed at bus stops, NaviLens will provide increased reality navigation, as well as bus arrival information and service status.

“We’re pleased to pilot NaviLens in New Brunswick where thousands of NJ Transit bus customers will have an opportunity to use this exciting new technology to enhance their travel experience,” said NJ Transit President and CEO, Kevin S. Corbett.

Where is the pilot program?

MyBus (NJ Transit)
MyBus (NJ Transit)

The pilot program is only in New Brunswick for now. It includes 51 NaviLens signs installed at bus stops with existing MyBus signs. The unique QR-style codes can be detected from up to 60 feet away.

MyBus (NJ Transit)
MyBus (NJ Transit)

NJ Transit plans to examine the results of the pilot program and then will determine if expansion is possible.

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