That's right, the race between Republican Jay Webber and Democrat Mikie Sherrill for the congressional seat in Morris County being vacated by retiring Rodney Frelinghuysen could mean the difference in which party controls the House.

District 11 is leaning slightly in the Democrats favor, but even after spending millions of dollars, the Democratic candidate isn't over 50% in most polls and Republican Jay Webber is within the margin of error in recent polling. Only three points behind in a couple recent surveys.

The Sherrill campaign is doing their best to minimize GOP turnout in the traditionally Republican district. The attacks on Jay have been as relentless as they are exaggerated and misleading. Sherrill has stooped to the level of painting Jay as 'anti-women' for his thoughtful opposition to public funding for planned parenthood and his vote against an intrusive, unnecessary and potentially harmful law disguised as 'equal pay'.

Jay joined me on air to discuss the nasty tone of the campaign and what his positive message is for the taxpayers and citizens who live in the district.

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