New Jersey ranks high in making sure little Fluffy gets the spoiled attention that they deserve. Dogs here in New Jersey get the V.I.P. treatment, in this case VERY IMPORTANT pooch treatment. From painting nails, to expensive outfits and even doggy perfume, dogs in New Jersey are getting the royal treatment, they’re spoiled rotten.

According to Forbes Advisor, New Jersey ranks 5th in the country for spoiling their dogs. In a survey of over 5,000 dog owners, each state was ranked based on nine key factors. The overall results were very compelling showing that 55% of all respondents monitor their dogs diet more than they do their own. Dogs are social animals with over 51% of dog owners greeting their dog on video calls and 68% of dog owning families have their special pooch in the family photo. 12% of dog owners have created a social media account for their dog.

New York is the worst for spoiling their canine babies. According to the study other than New York, New Jersey is most likely to push their dog in a stroller and 40% of dog owners here in the Garden State throw their pooch a birthday party. Many of the dog owners admit that they spend more money on Fluffy than they do on their partner or significant other. A good percentage of the dog owners here in the Garden State also admit preparing home cooked meals for their spoiled canine.

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New York is the worst at spoiling their dog, California ranks second, Washington State ranks third and our neighbors in Pennsylvania are fourth. Here’s the poop, 52% of dog owners in Washington take their dog on vacation. 53% of Californians spend more money on their dogs health and grooming then they do on their own health and grooming. 64% of dog owners in Pennsylvania purchased outfits for their pooches. Wyoming, Arkansas and South Dakota rank last in spoiling their dog.

So the next time you see Fluffy strolling down the street in a stroller with painted nails, freshly coiffed in a killer outfit nibbling on some steak tartar know that she is not alone.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Big Joe Henry. Any opinions expressed are Big Joe’s own.

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