The Presidents Cup Golf Tournament takes place this week at Liberty National Golf Club in JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY.

When I watched the Today Show this week and heard Matt Lauer mention how rare it is to have a "PGA event in New York", I had to roll the video back to make sure I heard right. I heard right, but it's nothing new and nothing New Jerseyans aren't use to.

Ellis Island is mostly New Jersey property, but most people think of it as being in NY. The Statue of Liberty is interesting. It's technically controlled by New York, but all of its taxes go to New Jersey and it's power comes from Jersey City. It's in New Jersey.

Where do the New York Jets and New York Giants play? Right, New Jersey. The Garden State is like that good wife that quietly, faithfully supports that very successful businessman and rarely gets any recognition.

Behind every great city is a great state (New Jersey) that helps New York be New York. We don't mind playing the great support role that we do, but next time Matt Lauer is flying into work on his private helicopter from the Hampton's to Manhattan, it would be nice if he noticed that Liberty National is in NEW JERSEY!

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