The state this week rolled out its latest effort to improve the Motor Vehicle Commission and shorten wait times.

Many customers continue to complain about computer glitches, long lines and confused employees who sometimes give out wrong information, so top MVC officials are moving forward with customer-service training for all employees and working with the state Office of Information Technology to improve the “MVC experience.”

MVC Chief Administrator Ray Martinez says the efforts will not compromise security procedures, which were increased following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

“Our job is customer service, highway safety and security, and they’re all equal in our eyes,” he said. “Our driver license is, if not the most, it’s one of the most secure in the country.”

Martinez explained the the MVC continues to require a variety of different identifications when applying for a driver's license, and the agency works with local, state and federal law enforcement officials when questions arise.


He also stressed MVC security protocols are state-of-the-art, especially when your motor vehicle business is conducted online.

“When you do a skip-the-trip renewal, for instance, that’s because we know who you are. You’ve already identified yourself to us, we have your photo in our database, we can compare that,” he said. “It is a convenience we’re providing but the security is not compromised at all.”

He also pointed out the MVC is now using facial recognition software to compare photos and weed out imposters.

Martinez noted the process is also reviewed by human eyes, to make sure the person being issued a document is in fact entitled to that document.

“The technology has gotten better and better and our procedures remain very secure,” he said. “Security is paramount and I think that’s the cornerstone of our system, we have to have confidence in our database and we do. As we make improvements to the process and the procedures in issuing those documents, it will always be at the highest level of security.”

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