Right across the river in Philly and the surrounding area, they're looking for live performers to "rock the line."

Early voting has started in Pennsylvania and the folks waiting in long lines are getting bored. An enterprising couple of organizers from West Philadelphia are seeking all manner of performers to entertain the early voters.

The entertainment will go on from Sunday, Oct. 25 through Tuesday, Oct. 27 and then again on Election Day, Nov. 3rd. They are looking for musicians, circus performers, comedians, dancers and others. The sector of society that has been impacted the most perhaps in the shutdown from the coronavirus is the live entertainment business. Gig workers in the entertainment field have been devastated by the government ordered shutdown.

So, if you're interested, it's not that far of a drive for most New Jersey entertainers, but a warning. IT IS PHILADELPHIA! If you're a sports fan, you may know the reputation Philadelphians have, and if you happen to mention something political on the wrong side, things might go sideways. Stick to cover songs of a neutral nature and if you are going to do comedy, by all means don't get political in any way!

I'm a native Philadelphian and can remember having to get a bar bouncer escort to my car after a comedy performance in Philly a few years back because of one of the jokes I told. No kidding! Apparently, I offended an entire neighborhood and wasn't informed of the rules before I went on stage. Hopefully this all goes well and some great performers can get some much-needed work out of this. Check it out and good luck. In the meantime, I'll check to see if that bouncer is still around.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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