This won’t surprise anyone who’s tried to merge onto a New Jersey highway, but a new report says that Garden State residents are the most competitive in the nation.

A site called Solitaire Bliss, says that we’re competitive in a lot of different categories, too.

Nationally, nearly half (46%) of Americans feel a sense of pride when they believe they are financially ahead of their friends and colleagues. Interestingly, men (48%) tend to be slightly more inclined to experience this pride compared to women (45%). This reveals that financial success can often be a source of personal satisfaction and competitiveness.

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Taking things up a notch, 1 in 10 individuals admit to bragging about their finances to someone they know makes less than them. Men (13%) are more likely to engage in this form of financial boasting than women (7%). We’re third in financial competitiveness.

Workplace rivalry is common in New Jersey; we’re third in competitiveness among co-workers.

Maybe surprisingly, we’re only fifth in driving competitiveness; nationally, a whopping majority (61%) of Americans confess to speeding up just to prevent another car from merging in front of them. Interestingly, women (67%) are slightly more likely to engage in this form of road rivalry than men (65%).

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The generational breakdown reveals that Gen X (69%) takes the lead in this style of driving, followed closely by millennials and Gen Z (67%), with boomers (57%) trailing behind.

People in New Jersey are the most competitive in health and fitness; in group or class settings, 1 in 6 positioning themselves strategically to monitor others' progress, ensuring they're not being outperformed.

Add them all together, and New Jersey ranks as the most competitive state in the country.

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