Over 20% of the American population chooses to live alone, according to Census data. But when it comes to safety, there are certain areas of the country that fare better than others.

A new survey from the security industry research firm ASecureLife finds New Jersey is ranked as the No. 1 safest state to live alone.

Andrea Harvey said the survey looked at four key metrics to come up with the findings. Those included property crime, violent crime, police officers per 1,000 people and the population of singles.

New Jersey scored far above average in each of those categories, said Harvey. In property crime per 1,000 people, the national average was 29.5% and for New Jersey, it was about 15%. In violent crime, the U.S. average was 4.6% while New Jersey was 2.3%.

With police officers per 1,000 people, the U.S. average was 2.2% and New Jersey had 3.6%. As far as the single population, the U.S. average is about 47% and New Jersey was 46%.

New York is the second safest state to live alone followed by Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Alaska is the most dangerous state to live alone followed by Maryland, New Mexico, Tennessee and Arkansas.

Harvey said people who live alone are a lot more likely to be the victim of crime. She advised getting to know neighbors and knowing the neighborhood.

Be aware of surroundings at all times and know the phone number to the local police department.

Harvey said a person living alone should invest in a better security system for the apartment or house. Get better locks, better windows, better security system, maybe even get a guard dog.

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