President Trump is looking into changing how we interpret the 14th amendment to the Constitutional amendment, which grants birthright citizenship. The United States is one of about 30 countries that grant it. Why should we?

Homelessness is up 9 percent in New Jersey. We already have more people than we can handle. If I were becoming a father in another country and couldn't provide for my family, I'd definitely get to America anyway I could. The problem is that we can't afford to take care of your family either, nor should we have to.

I grew up in Union City, which is one of the most densely populated cities in the country, second only to Guttenberg, which is their neighbor. I saw immigration overrun and overcrowd Union City in the seventies. Now with a migrant caravan headed this way, it's going to be overrun even more as people seek out their relatives. Where are we supposed to put them? How are we supposed to take care of them? Why is this our responsibility?

I'm not looking to be cold here, just realistic. We need some realistic change to how we handle immigration in this country. Perhaps if the President closes the loopholes to citizenship, Congress will be forced to come up with a plan that can be acceptable to everyone.

For those people who disagree and want to provide for those illegally coming into this country, there are many ways to raise money in the private sector. Money can be donated by those who are sympathetic to the cause. I'd even be happy to drop in a few bucks myself. As for forcing it on the taxpayer, we're sympathetic to our own cause... which is staying afloat in New Jersey.

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