When you're in your early 20s and it's beach weather, not much can keep you off the sand.

Also, there's not much too keep you from drinking beer or impressing some of your female friends in bikinis with your strength and building skills. It restores your faith in mankind to see young guys acting like this to prove that while a lot in this world has changed, some things remain constant.

You can see people flying kites on the beach, where the breeze is always better. There are people playing some game with a paddle, a ball and some random boundary lines drawn with someone's feet in the wet sand by the edge of the surf. Of course, further back you can find a game of touch or tackle football, away from the crowded blankets.

But the best, most imaginative game I've ever seen on the sand, I stumbled upon this past Sunday on the Lower Chelsea beach in Atlantic City. About six guys, trying hard to impress the four girls that were with them (the odds were not in their favor so they had to try harder) built an in-ground beer pong table in the sand by digging a trench around the playing surface from which to stand on. Ingenious! I'm not sure if they're out of college yet, but they're sure to be successes in life.

They were nice guys too. They invited me to play, but being the light-weight I am when it comes to "day drinkin'" I declined. Plus I didn't want to steal their girls.

Dennis Malloy photo
Dennis Malloy photo

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