Have you noticed when you're outside that the cars are covered in yellow dust? I always wondered what my vehicle would look like breaded. I feel like I'm driving a "cutlet supreme." See what I did there? But seriously folks, allergies in New Jersey are out of control this year and the worst is yet to come.

As Dino Flammia writes, "Pollen counts are expected to intensify over the next couple of weeks in the Garden State. It's already been a robust allergy season, thanks to plenty of snow over the winter that melted and delivered an ample water supply to New Jersey's flora."

That means lots of sneezing and sniffling which has got to be freaking out the already freaked out people who are afraid of getting COVID. Also the fact that you can't smell anything doesn't; necessarily mean you have COVID, you may just have allergies. Of course, some things in New Jersey shouldn't be smelled. I call your attention to Exit 13 on the turnpike.

But that's not all allergy sufferers have to deal with. So I ask my social media followers and you to complete this sentence. "New Jersey allergies are so bad this year that..."

Here are some of the responses;

New Jersey allergies this year are so bad that...

Have you noticed when you're outside that the cars are covered in yellow dust? Trev always wondered what his vehicle would look like breaded. It's like you're driving a "cutlet supreme." But seriously, it's allergy season in New Jersey and it looks like it's only getting worse. So with that in mind, Steve Trevelise asked his Facebook following the following question, "New Jersey allergies this year are so bad that..." Here are some of their responses.

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What would you do with a slice of cheese?

Today is 420 and on this date we celebrate marijuana. And if you partook in celebrating today, I bet you got pretty hungry. You know what would go great on almost anything when you have the munchies? Cheese. Glorious, decadent cheese. If you had any slice of cheese you wanted, what would you do with it? That's what Steve Trevelise asked his Facebook following on this "holiday," here's some of what they came up with.

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