New Jersey allergy sufferers beware. Ragweed season is here, and it could be one for the record books.

Flickr User pawpaw67
Flickr User pawpaw67

"It's going to be a big crop this year," said Dr. Leonard Bielory, an allergy and asthma expert at Rutgers University.

Ragweed is the third and perhaps most severe part of that "unholy trinity" known as allergy season, which sees tree pollen in the spring followed by grass pollen.

"The ragweed is at two to four feet, but the mugworts are four to six feet. So it is going to be a very potent weed season in August," said Dr. Bielory.

Bielory said the combination of high heat in June and July, and some deluging rains have combined to produce a record ragweed run.

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