There are a lot of reasons to be thrilled to be the Garden State. But here’s the down side: that means we’ve got plants and trees and pollen. And this season has been miserable, not only for those who always suffer from seasonal allergies, but even for those who never have before.

Almost everyone I know is suffering to a certain degree with itchy eyes, congestion, runny nose, and a host of other seasonal allergy symptoms. And not everyone wants to go to traditional medicine route.

Some people want to first try a simple natural remedy at least to ease some of the symptoms. Some of these have been around forever and others are relatively new and gaining popularity.

Remember, these are not allergy cures. However, they may make you more comfortable while you wait for this allergy season to pass.

  • 1

    Warm shower/Cold compress

    One of the most common symptoms of allergies is itchy watery eyes. Have you tried a warm shower for comfort and cold compresses to relieve the inflammation? This can make you feel immediate relief from the itch. Repeat as often as needed.

  • 2

    Nasal irrigation/ spray

    Rinse your nose with over-the-counter saline often done with a device called a Neti pot. I use a different device where you blow water into one nostril and it comes flowing out through the other. Either way it really helps with congestion by thinning the mucus. These over-the-counter sprays of saline solution can help thin mucus in the nose, also, relieving congestion.

  • 3

    HEPA Filter

    An easy fix for your nasal and upper respiratory issues is a HEPA filter people don’t think of the HEPA filter that often in terms of allergies but it really helps to remove airborne particles that are making you cough and sneeze and irritating your eyes. A vacuum with a HEPA filter is even better set a regular vacuum because it stops the Dustin allergens from blowing all around your house.

  • 4


    Before you poo poo this idea remember many major health insurance companies pay for acupuncture. It’s a legitimate treatment for allergies because it addresses underlying imbalances within the body. People have found relief from acute symptoms of allergies from doing acupuncture.

  • 5


    I know some people who have tried butternur, a supplement that has been found to reduce the rhinitis that occurs from seasonal allergies by blocking histamines. If that doesn’t work for you other supplements and vitamins such as bromelain quercetin and plain old vitamin C have also help to relieve symptoms in a lot of people.

  • 6

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    I know. You’ve heard this before. Although I believe that the miracle properties of apple cider vinegar have been overblown, I do know people who have found relief from allergies using a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water with lemon juice up to three times a day. It helps with the symptoms of allergies the same way it does the symptoms of a cold.

  • 7


    Probiotics or something that should be used whether you have allergies or not. They strengthen your immune system and help stop pathogenic‘s from growing in your body. Experts believe that allergies are the result of your immune system being out of whack and therefore causing your body to react too strongly two allergens. Try taking probiotics to see if it helps your allergy Symptoms. It can’t hurt and it’s good for you anyway.

  • 8

    Food Sensitivity Test

    Although it’s controversial, companies like Everly will provide at home food sensitivity test which measures your body’s immune response to 96 foods to help guide you on what types of food may be causing allergy symptoms. It can’t hurt to see if any of those any of your symptoms are relieved by removing those foods from your diet

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    Thorough house cleaning

    Sounds pretty obvious, but interestingly, people don’t think of just doing a good cleaning of the home.Besides changing out filters clean out spots that you don’t always think of that could be trapping allergens. Clean bookshelves, vents and change pillowcases regularly as allergens can transfer from your hair to your pillow overnight.

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