Normally at this time of year, spring allergy season has started, but so far, nobody has been sneezing or wheezing.

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However, it looks like things could change dramatically in the coming days.

"Because temperatures were colder than normal last month, the spring allergy season is about five weeks late. But, what we are going to find is a relatively short season, but a very severe season I'm afraid because you're going to have different kinds of tree pollinating at the same time," says Dr. Edwin Schulhafer, Director of the Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center in Hillsborough.

Get Ready for Itchy Eyes, Sneezing

When the trees do start pollinating in the next week or so, he says the average patient that has allergies will have itchy eyes, itchy nose, sneezing, maybe an itchy throat lots of runny nose call rhinorrhea.

"And there are a sub-group of patients whose allergies are more severe, and they might actually develop a sinus infection from the allergic rhinitis."

Dr.Schulhafer predicts the onset of the spring allergy season will be quite sudden, and every one will start having symptoms at the same time.

He says there is a good news, though.

"We have a lot of over-the-counter treatments for this. Antihistamines are almost all over-the-counter today, but there are prescription medicines that can really make a huge difference for people."

He also recommends those with allergies stay in air conditioning and wash their hair in the evening to clean out pollen, and exercise in the morning, when pollen levels are lowest.