For a budget that increases spending by $1.5 billion to $2.7 billion, depending on how you do the counting, Gov. Phil Murphy’s $37.4 billion spending plan has managed to nevertheless find robust groups of detractors. The loudest are advocates for underfunded school districts, who say the distribution of nearly $284 million in additional school aid actually worsens inequities between districts, rather than fix them.

If past is prologue, the Atlantic City Police Department should have seen this coming, according to a federal lawsuit accusing a police officer of brutality. Franco Sydnor’s criminal record included a charge of stabbing a man four times in his stomach, chest and back. But that wasn’t enough to keep him from getting a job as a city police officer. And what he's been accused of since hasn't been enough for him to lose his job, either.

A former "Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast member's complaint about a public library kicking out her son, who was autism, has sparked impassioned conversations, including in the autism community.

Former FBI Director James Comey credited his New Jersey upbringing for preparing him for dealing with President Donald Trump in his new book. In "A Higher Loyalty," Comey compares Trump to a mafia don, and calls his leadership of the country "ego-driven and about personal loyalty."

A New Jersey man repeatedly beat up his puppy until it died and duped nearly 700 people online into donating more than $14,000 to help pay for the veterinarian bills, police say. Reid M. Herjo, 24, was charged last month with animal abuse and theft by deception following a months-long investigation by state and Medford police.

The spate of six reported cases of people in New Jersey infected by the E. coli bacteria is just one part of a much larger investigation being conducted on the national level.

Shopping at your favorite store could soon get a bit quicker and easier. Starting Saturday, several major credit card companies — including American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa — will no longer require shoppers to sign receipts for their purchases made with credit or debit cards.

The winner of the Mega Millions jackpot was not a regular player of the game and has only lived in New Jersey sinc3b July.

Clean Ocean Action has released its 32nd annual beach sweeps report which highlights data produced from over 70 beach sweep sites in New Jersey.

New Jersey residents will once again be celebrating Tax Freedom Day much later than residents in other states across the nation.