The video that shows what actually happened in the Atlantic City elevator between Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his then fiancé Janay Palmer has been released.

Ray Rice (Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

The video, which can be viewed by clicking the link above, shows Rice and Palmer entering the elevator. Once inside, Palmer rushes Rice who then lands a knockout punch. You see it happen in both real time and slow motion.

Rice has received a 2 game suspension from the National Football League. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell later admitted in a letter to the NFL owners that he made the wrong call for the punishment, and instituted a new league wide policy against domestic abuse.

Since then the NFL has announced that a domestic violence offense will bring a six-game suspension while a second incident results in a lifetime ban.

This policy is now being put to the test by San Francisco 49ers Ray McDonald.

Rice, who recently married Palmer, has publicly apologized for his actions and has been accepted into a diversion program. Completion of the program could lead to the charges being dropped.