Before earbuds and tablets and built-in dvd players in seat backs, there were car games. I See Something. License Plate Poker. Padiddle. We've somewhat moved away from that with technology.

But here's one for the grownups. Whenever you see something gaudy people did to their cars you score points. I thought of this game when I was driving this weekend when this out of place bouquet caught my eye.

Jeff Deminski photo

Yep, someone thought it would look awesome to permanently stick plastic flowers on top of their automobile. Car washes be damned! (Really though, doesn't that get torn off with the rollers?) Then I noticed the rest of the car.

Jeff Deminski photo

Ah, so they just love sunflowers so much they want the world to know. I get it now! They even spent the money for that fancy vanity plate in case the sticker and the fake roof flowers weren't obvious enough. Now what is it about the outside of our vehicles that makes it the perfect place to show complete strangers the things you love or hate? Certainly these drivers don't care about us any more than we care about them. Yet they want us to know their deepest feelings. I would say this one is worth 5 points, especially when you consider she added a Dog Grandma sticker to let the world know her status as the parent of someone who...owns...a dog.

Then there was this guy.

Jeff Deminski photo

This dude has no less than 22 bumper stickers. Maybe one or two more but it's kind of hard to tell. He has a lot to say and he's using every bit of his car to say it! But I would give him only 3 points in our game. Points off for no inclusion of 3 dimensional objects like plastic flowers.

This last one is subtle, but made me wonder.

Jeff Deminski photo

Now If that's the name of a dealership it's a very odd and intrusive place to put it. Also I couldn't find any Puneeth Mazda dealership in Texas in a cursory look. Also, it's not even professionally done; notice how the lettering isn't perfectly straight? So my money says this is not a dealership. Nor is it anything related to Mazda that I can tell. This seems to be someone who didn't want to spend the money on a vanity plate but still wanted their name on the car. So they did it themselves. At least it's my best guess. I know of no word 'puneeth' and it's not even to be found on Unless there's a deeper meaning here, I'd give this one only 1 point.

Keep an eye out for all the dumb things you'll see on vehicles this holiday travel week. From headlight eyelashes to truck nutz, family stick figures to fake bullet holes, make a game of it and pass some time! Safe travels!

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