Did you know Roy Scheider who played Chief Brody in “Jaws” so hated being involved in “Jaws 2” that he resorted to trashing a hotel room in hopes of proving too unstable to remain on the project?

It didn’t work. Neither did “Jaws 2.” Which was why Scheider didn’t want to be part of it but had contractual issues.

I thought of that story when I heard Netflix had greenlit a season 2 of “The Watcher.” Some things just don’t need to be made. Some things shouldn’t be continued. This is one of them.

How does one decide to pick up on a story that they already embellished far beyond reality? When in real life Maria and Derek Broaddus bought 657 Boulevard in Westfield in 2014 they never even moved in. They were that unnerved by the anonymous, strange letters they received from someone who called themselves The Watcher. $1.3 million is a hell of an investment to walk away from and to take a loss on.

Creepy Letters Family Sues

The Netflix 7-part series not only had the characters move in but also had the finale all but declare a character by the name of John Graff was The Watcher. Complete with a creepy backstory of how Graff once occupied the house, killed his entire family and disappeared never to be seen again.

Hmm, same town as the real-life John List case. Sound familiar?

They couldn’t do better than to blend these two real-life events? In reality, the case was never solved and wasn’t nearly as dramatic as the Netflix project.

How does a season 2 happen? Does the stalking continue? Is there another murder? Or do they go a completely different direction with it as suggested as a possibility in an NJ.com article.

It points out “DAHMER - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” is the impetus for an anthology series that will look at other monstrous villains. The speculation is continuing “The Watcher” might mean an anthology. But how? Other stalkings? Other ripped-from-the-headlines narratives that leave New Jersey far behind?

I don’t know. But i do know I won’t be watching. We didn’t need a season 2 any more than we needed a “Jaws 2.” And if forced to watch, I might just trash a hotel room.

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