NEPTUNE TOWNSHIP — The local police department may have found itself a new mascot when a pig was found roaming the streets before being returned home by a pair of dedicated officers.

The pig, which responding officers named Pork Roll, was seen running around the area of Routes 33 and 35 over Memorial Day Weekend. A post on the department's Facebook page said the pig was "most likely looking for an evening coffee and donut from Dunkin Donuts.

Officer Thomas Blewitt took the pig to headquarters for questioning before he was turned over to the Monmouth County SPCA. Pork Roll's owners eventually came to claim him and give the story a happy ending.

Corralling pigs may not be part of their regular duties, but police encouraged anyone with animal abuse related issues to call the new hotline, which is active 24 hours a day. Callers can remain anonymous when they call 1-877-898-PAWS.

Other animal rescues by officers have included a 500-pound bull in Howella snake at a rest area on the Parkway, a bull on the side of Interstate 195, or a pig roaming around a town in rural New Jersey.

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