Every year it seems there's another school team that deliberates whether or not they should change the name of their sports teams out of respect for Native Americans. The Washington Redskins went through this over the last few years and finally announced their new name will be the Washington Commanders.

Polls show that only 9% of Native Americans had any negative thoughts about the name. It's the stupid, guilt-ridden, overly educated, moronic, white progressives that push for these name changes out of virtue signaling or just plain mental illness.

When the Wildwood Warriors were confronted with having to change their team's names, they sought the opinion of native peoples. The Native American Guardian's Association weighed in. They said a mascot might be offensive, but the name keeps alive the proud heritage and memory of the Native Americans. Their thought was "educate not eradicate," which makes a lot of sense.

Something that is very rare in social discourse today. The group believes that removing Native American imagery from popular culture further discredits their importance in American history.

While certain groups want to tear down statues and change the names of buildings or schools to hide from the past, Native Americans apparently see things differently and more wisely.

Maybe we should take a lesson from the people who originally inhabited this land and think things through instead of having all the overly emotional knee-jerk reactions that seem to dictate our lives these days.

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