Time magazine has named Elon Musk as their 2021 "Person Of The Year." Definitely one of the most powerful and influential men not only on this planet but possibly future planets as well.

Among his accomplishments, are launching rockets into space, inventing driverless cars and his goal is to one day colonize Mars by flying a Noah's Ark spaceship full of animals to the planet. That should pretty much get you the cover of Time, especially when former "Persons of the Year" were Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

But if you were going to name a New Jersey "Person Of The Year" who would it be? I asked my social following as well as my New Jersey 101.5 listeners.

The one name that rose above all the others was a truck driver who got so frustrated by what he was seeing that he took matters into his own hands and ran for senator in New Jersey's 3rd Legislative District.

Spending $2,300 on his general campaign, $153 on the Republican primary, Durr beat the incumbent Senate President Steve Sweeney, who spent about $305,000.

Durr has been called a "dangerous" man by Gov. Phil Murphy for social media comments for which he has since apologized. He has also responded to Murphy's comments when he called into my show saying:

"He's the one who caused the closing of nearly 1/3 of our small businesses. He is the one who is forcing your children in schools with masks. He's the one who's directing and telling people whether they can go to the store, whether they can go to work or they can go to church and worship! I said a few stupid things and that's what, I'm dangerous? But I am dangerous — I'm dangerous to his agenda."

In the coming year, we'll see just how dangerous Durr is. I believe that anyone who spent this much time and energy to come out of nowhere and beat Steve Sweeney isn't going to stop now.

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