A few days ago on this site I had a roundup of new and unfair taxes that New Jerseyans are being hit with. Things from gasoline to e-cigarettes and more. If you didn't catch it you can read it here.

I shared this on my personal Facebook because I couldn't escape the thought that it's things like this that make more and more New Jersey residents think about getting out. Our leaders don't seem to understand that our money is finite and they can't simply continue to tax their way out of their own mistakes. I think about the line in the Bruce Springsteen song My Hometown...

Last night me and Kate we laid in bed
Talking about getting out
Packing up our bags maybe heading south

So many Native New Jerseyans already have. In fact the only reason our population is not declining is foreign born immigrants moving here. My own brother moved to North Carolina years ago. Ironically he may be moving back here due to some changes on his job at the same time so many others are leaving in droves.

When I shared the tax story on my Facebook I asked my Jersey friends if they've given serious consideration to leaving the Garden State. Not just something you say in a momentary bout of disgust, but truly seriously considered it. Because this was from my personal Facebook page and not the station's, I'm not including their names for sake of their privacy, but here are some of their exact words.

"I would if I could. I do hope to leave in the future before I'm totally broke. Murphy is insane with power."

"Union County resident for 34 years - Going to look at properties in PA today. Been trying to find the right place most of the year. Can't wait to get out of here soon enough."

"I think about it every day of my life."

"Everyone that is not a Democrat. They are the only ones not complaining. They love to pay higher taxes. Or they are just morons."

"I would if I could. I've had it with NJ."

"Have bought a place in SC but can't move til daughter finishes school. CANNOT wait."

"I am 61 years young and when I retire, I will be moving to Pennsylvania. I have been looking for about 5 years now. Beautiful state."

"3 years I am Florida bound."

"Looking into Delaware."

They went on and on this way and are still coming in. Not a single person said they love it here and would not consider leaving. That's sobering. Let us know in our poll question below if you've thought about it.

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