Fatma Farghaly saw a Craigslist ad for a one bedroom apartment in Elizabeth. When she called she was told it was still available and to come check it out. When she arrived wearing her khimar head covering, the landlord asked if she were Muslim. She told him yes. He then said flat out, "I don't rent to Muslims." That's the charge coming from the state Division on Civil Rights. They say they sent their own investigators to the Maple Garden apartments and substantiated the Muslim woman's claim.

The landlord is William Greda and he seems unapologetic. In speaking with News 12 New Jersey, he indicated he is the victim here and that he was being "extorted" by what he called "Muslim extremists. That's what they are: ISIS."

It's an issue of fair housing laws. You just can't discriminate in this manner. I wonder though in today's anti-Muslim climate and pro-Donald Trump rallies how many people think the law is wrong and that William Greda should have the right to pick and choose to whom he rents? In this post 9/11 era Muslims are an easy target. If we changed the group to blacks, or gays, would people see this as more wrong? Would "I don't rent to Hispanics" or "I don't rent to atheists" get people more angry?

I hate to even ask this question, because the answer should be so obvious that you cannot have this kind of discrimination in the United States, but my gut tells me there are some people who would side with the landlord. My gut tells me there are some people who feel if you own the building, you should be allowed to rent only to certain kinds of people you approve of and not others. Take our poll question and let us know.

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