This isn’t the first time Gov. Phil Murphy has been proven to be one of those ‘do as I say not as I do’ guys. I doubt it will be the last.

The first time I can remember was in the middle of his own executive orders banning large gatherings even outdoors during the pandemic. That was the rule for the rest of us. But when Black Lives Matter marches and rallies sprang up in reaction to the killing of George Floyd there was Murphy breaking his own rules not once but twice by joining in a large crowd to protest. Zero social distancing.

Weeks before the election his opponent Jack Ciattarelli and others in the GOP called Murphy out on being maskless along with many other attendees at two indoor gatherings. While no longer a hard executive order Murphy continued at the time preaching to follow CDC guidelines regarding masks. He even had ordered 2-year-old kids in daycare to wear them.

But not him. Not his cronies.


Now you’d think that lesson in hypocrisy might have sunk in for him. Not a chance. Tom Moran wrote an excellent op-ed piece for the Star Ledger on yet another maskless event Murphy is accused of attending. He spoke with Sen. Holly Schepisi about what she says went down in mid-November at the League of Municipalities Convention in Atlantic City.

“We were all at parties with hundreds of people, with no masks on until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning – including the governor,” she told him. “This all struck me as political theater.”

Here’s where it gets really good. Tom Moran called a spokesman for Murphy, Dan Bryan, who denied it all. According to Bryan the only time the governor went maskless was while eating dinner and that’s it.

Then Schepisi sent Moran a photo NOT at any dinner table but near some elevators of Murphy posing with her own chief of staff, Alyssa Dawson. No masks on either of them.

Moran gets back to Bryan who changes his story and says oh yeah, only dinner AND during picture taking.


If you believe that and believe Trenton still makes anything then I have a bridge there I’d like to sell you.

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