A couple of weeks back you may recall a woman from Freehold laced into Governor Murphy while he was dining with his family at a local restaurant. She was widely denounced for using profanity and attacking the Governor while he was with his wife and kids. She called him a slang term for penis, among other curse words and many people were shocked.

Although, some were thrilled someone other than the fawning press, who are usually the only one who can address him in public gave it to him good.

Of course, she was wrong. Of course, the word she used was vulgar, so why is it OK for the Governor to call a sitting member of Congress a "putz?" Because he's not Donald Trump and he's not a Republican. He on the same team as the press, so "no big deal here".

In case you're wondering about the Yiddish word, here's what Jewish author Leo Rosten said in his 1968 book "The Joys of Yiddish". A stupid fellow, a jerk, also a slang term for the penis, "putz" is not to be used lightly or when women or children are around.

But it's OK, he's on the side of the good guys. He's trying to save all of us from certain death, so he's entitled to. Murphy was referring to Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz attending a political event in Jersey City, uhhhh, maskless!

In his tirade against Gaetz, who Murphy referred to as Matt "Putz," he also said the Congressman was not welcome in our state. What is he a king, that he can tell people they're not welcome in New Jersey?

Gaetz was filling in at the event for Sarah Palin who couldn't make it that day. You have to wonder if Mr. Guilty, White, Progressive, Politically-Correct Murphy would have said the same in referring to Mrs. Palin.

Probably not, even though he has the same disdain for her, he wouldn't dare say such a thing about a woman. It would break the phony code of "woke-ism" that he has sworn an oath to uphold.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis’ own.

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