With Gov. Phil Murphy's tyrannical grip on our state's economy and its businesses still ongoing, the World Health Organization came out over the weekend against lockdowns. Their official spokesperson said that unless there is an overwhelming reason, like giving healthcare workers a break or an overflow at hospitals, there is no reason to shut down society.

Since we are now seven months into a "15-day shutdown" to flatten the curve, it's time to admit this was an overreaction and open everything up. Murphy says he listens to the science and the experts. Well, the experts say that lockdowns are not necessary and may do more harm than good.

COVID-19 death risk closely match that of other illnesses for people in high-risk categories such as obesity, diabetes and advanced age. At first it was natural to hit the pause button and ask people to refrain from normal activity, but now the results of this prolonged shutdown are devastating in so many ways. The effects on the economy, mental health, and social well-being are enormous. A combination of government overreaction and media fanning the flames of panic have done tremendous harm, that can hopefully be reversed by a return to normal as soon as possible. If Murphy can find a way to save face and do it quickly, there is hope.

As we know, people like Murphy want more power in the hands of government and less freedom of choice to people to make up their own minds. Government dependence is the life-blood for elected leaders like Murphy, who by his own admission, stated that the Bill Of Rights was above his pay grade in a nationally televised interview. The risk of dying from the novel coronavirus is slightly higher for the usual victims of such a virus are slightly higher than the numbers for a bad flu year.

That's if you assume that the current COVID numbers are correct, since so many people were listed as COVID deaths who tested positive WITH the virus, but not necessarily OF the virus. If you want to live in a state where the government dictates if you can make a living and denies you making your own informed choices, then go ahead and vote for Murphy again next year. I think you know what the better choice would be.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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