Good old Mr. Fluffy Hair Phil Murphy is following up his new hairdo with unrealistic and foolish executive orders that will have negative consequences long after he's gone.

Probably the most outrageous executive order was the elimination of gasoline-powered cars by 2035, just like his probable opponent in an upcoming presidential primary, California Gov. Gavin Newsome.

The executive order will require all new cars and light-duty trucks sold to be zero-emission by the year 2035, less than a dozen years from now. Is that realistic? It doesn't matter. He'll be long gone by then.

A lot of the damage he's done and policies he's implemented since he's taken office will not affect him. Not only because he's tremendously wealthy, but he will have used us as the stepping stone he's always intended and he won't be around.

Never mind that the push for EV cars is not feasible in the time frame and volume that the climate religious zealots are pushing for. What ramifications will that have on our economy and the economic pain it will cause so many people here in New Jersey who are barely getting by? Again, he'll be long gone.

This is only to prime his image among the hardcore base of his party to make him more attractive as a candidate in the next Democratic presidential primary.

OIT/NJ Governor's Office
OIT/NJ Governor's Office

Why else would he be visiting Ukraine last week? Of course, to make him look presidential.

Everything he's done from Day 1 here in New Jersey was just to use the Governor's Office, which he swooped in and bought back in 2017.

I've been calling him out as the uber-wealthy, guilty white liberal, power-hungry ruthless socialist he is since I predicted his candidacy in 2015.

One of the other features of his energy plan announced last week was to begin to phase out the use of natural gas by 2050. That part drew sharp criticism, particularly from Republican lawmakers and business leaders, who say more than 75 percent of homes in New Jersey are heated by natural gas.

Again, it doesn't matter because he will be long gone. So many of us and our family and friends have fled the state due to his progressive insanity.

Most people don't pay attention to his grand plans and his executive orders unlike they did during COVID when they had an immediate damaging effect on all of us. Make no mistake, he's counting on that.

These pronouncements were not intended for the average New Jerseyan. They are solely aimed at the national Democratic base that will be choosing the next Democrat candidate for president.

The biggest "existential threat" to New Jersey is not climate change, it's Phil "fluffy hair" Murphy.

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