There is a movement afoot to change the name of the "freeholder" position in New Jersey to "county commissioner" or something similar. We are the only state to still use the term freeholder for the elected county position, which carries some weight in where and how county funds are expended.

It's just another layer of government bureaucracy that keeps government work more lucrative than some private sector endeavors, but I digress. No one really knows what a freeholder is or does, so changing it to commissioner might make it a little clearer. But clarity is not the goal of Democrat 'Givernor' Phil Murphy and the Democrat heads of the Senate and Assembly. No, they claim the term is racist.

Of course everything today in their world of identity politics and pandering revolves around racism and how they are the heroes here to stamp it out. The term is a colonial era title, and does come from a time when slave ownership was still legal, but it has nothing to do with race. An attempt to wipe out any of our past because of some of the sins of the past is of course foolish, but that is their stock and trade. They can't win hearts and minds on their ideas or policies, because they mostly hurt hardworking, taxpaying New Jerseyans. So this is what they focus on. "Look at what champions we are of fairness and what is right and just." Just don't bend over anywhere near them or it'll hurt.

Ironically, the idea was brought up two years ago by Republican State Sen. Joe Pennacchio, but no one paid attention, because it had more to do with clarity and modernization. Now that these slugs can use it as a tool in their never-ending saga on pandering and pestering, it's almost assured to happen. Not a big deal, just another unique bit of New Jersey history and tradition tossed in the wastebin to help a couple of phony New Jersey politicians. Nothing new here, except the term commissioner, or whatever they decide to rename freeholder.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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