The 'Givernor' has gotten another million dollars of your hard earned money to p*** away on illegal immigrants who face deportation. He had $2.1 million but with the new budget deal now he's got $3.1 million, far less than the $15 million the criminal advocates want for people in NJ who broke the law. We don't just deport people because we don't like them or where they came from. It's a long process of law enforcement officers risking their lives, court officials, prosecutors and judges putting countless hours of their time to APPLY THE LAW.

Then along comes a crazed, guilty, "progressive" governor to negate it all and waste not only all of their time and effort, but OUR money too. He's looking for more future voters and he doesn't care how reckless and dangerous he has to be to get them. The state is not detaining and deporting innocent hard working people who just came here for a better life. These people targeted for deportation broke the law of our jurisdiction on top of breaking immigration laws by being here without proper procedure.

I know some people who are here possibly without legal documentation. They're hard working, law abiding(well almost), family people who came here for a better life. Their crime was cutting the line ahead of millions who are trying to do it legally. The system needs overhauling, which should include some way to allow these people to stay after a fine and limitations on their citizenship, like no voting.

Do you think "compassionate" politicians like Murphy would go for that deal? No f@#%ing way! He like so many others of his ilk care about power and their votes. If he's going to give money to people here illegally, why doesn't he pay for your next court appearance in a New Jersey court. After all you pay for it through ALL of your taxes here. That means nothing to him. YOU mean nothing to him. You and I are just providing the backs he needs to step on on his way to national office. It's obvious if you read past the headline of any story about his antics. Is anyone here legally who votes paying attention?!?!

Happy Fourth of July.

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