He's very measured in his speech. He's very non-combative and seems compassionate to the pain and the needs of his constituents. If you buy it, you haven't looked deeper into who he is.

Gov. Phil Murphy is an out-of-touch, single-minded, power-hungry, elitist, so-called "progressive." He is NOT a liberal. If he were liberal then he would believe in liberty and the limited government and the scope of its power. Exactly the opposite is true. I'm not going to say he's enjoying the current situation, but he sure will take advantage of every opportunity to exert his power and gain more of it from this crisis.

The other day, he said he doesn't mind people protesting. He just urged them to "do it from home." HAHAHA! He's apparently unaware of our right to assemble. But these are extraordinary times, and he has to limit people gathering in large numbers out in front of his office. These "rubes" who don't know any better, know when they smell a rat and when enough is enough. We are not children and we are not helpless. We don't need a daddy. Many of us are daddies and mommies and even grandparents, and we have more wisdom and common sense than the filthy-rich governor gives us credit for. We need a leader -- a leader who was elected to follow and uphold the Constitution of the state and the country.

Whenever Murphy wants to shove an unpopular idea down our unenlightened throats, he's fond of saying, "it's the right thing to do." Our listeners seem to enjoy when we mockingly imitate him saying so. One of our many fed up listeners from Central Jersey was moved to make this lawn sign for his front yard. In case you've never heard any of the music of the band Dropkick Murphys, here's my favorite:

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