Supplied with the perfect opening in my schedule today, I saw "War Horse" after my shift at the radio station. My goal, like every year, is to view all of the movies that may be in the running for the Best Picture category at the Academy Awards in February.

The guessing will be over a little after 8:30a.m. Tuesday, when the Oscar nominees are announced live.

I was impressed by "War Horse," directed by Steven Spielberg. I entered the theater expecting a feel-good flick with sappy dialogue and an ending I could have written myself...but I was pleasantly surprised. There were several dark moments in this movie; even though the word "War" is in the title, I didn't expect so much of it.

Backed by great acting and incredible scenery, "War Horse" would be enjoyed by moviegoers of most ages (unless you can't sit through a movie that's over two hours long).

The film follows the relationship between a boy and his horse, leading up to and during World War I. Viewers spend most of the movie following the journey and adventures of the horse, and the characters whose lives are affected by the "invincible" animal.

My pick, still, for best movie of 2011 is "The Descendants" with George Clooney. I'd be shocked if it's not on the big list Tuesday morning.

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