It's a shame I must put this movie into this category, but I watched "The Tree of Life" this weekend as I continue my quest to watch all of the films of 2011 that could be in the running for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Who even let this picture into the theaters? To me, it is more than two hours of non-stop torture, but I could just tell that members of the Academy will consider the movie "genius."

To say the movie "stars" Brad Pitt and Sean Penn as father and son would not be fair. There are only hints of them in the movie, as writer/director Terrence Malick(The Thin Red Line) tries to tell the story of a boy losing his innocence and dealing with the loss of his brother.

The movie's main theme is seeking the meaning of life and its origin...I think. At least that's what I believe was projected during a 12-minute montage (in the middle of the movie) with hardly any dialogue, featuring images of Earth and outer space.

I should've known from the start that I was in for trouble; the DVD started with a warning from producers, advising viewers to "play the DVD loud." About 50% of the dialogue was whispered voiceovers.

Still, the movie to see  is The Descendants. I still have a few flicks to watch, but so far, it's my pick for movie of the year.

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