As you know, I'm not a car guy. It's a necessary machine to get from place to place.

Yes, I like the adventure of seeing the country and beating travel times. But for the ride itself, I like quiet.

So as you can guess, I don't own a motorcycle. That said, it seems to me that motorcycle riding is exploding in the Garden State and across the country.

Duncan Adler via Unsplash
Duncan Adler via Unsplash

Actually, looking at the sales stats over the past three years, sales are up more than 20%. It may be the cost of fuel driving the surge or just a desire to experience a level of freedom you don't get in a four-wheeler.

For those of you looking to save money on gas, a typical motorcycle will get you about 50 miles per gallon. Not too bad if you ask me, especially in the age of Biden-flation, a term used by the Republican Members of the House Ways and Means Committee.

I don't see myself getting a motorcycle anytime soon, pretty sure I won't get that past my wife, Jodi, to earn her stamp of approval! Although looking at the price of gas and the incredible mileage and speed navigating through traffic, I am wondering what my cross-country time would be on a motorcycle...

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